South Sea Pearls pendants manufactured in 18 karat gold and 14 Karats Gold.

Pearls of white color, golden, or Tahitian black. All-natural colors handpicked quality individual pieces.

White, yellow or pink gold mounting and chains in 18 karat gold.

Each pearl from a Pinctada Maxima or Margaretifera Oyster is unique; colors and overtones, size, shapes, skin, and luster varies dramatically and as a result, all pearls are different.  A pearl is a living organic gem given by mother nature. 

At our website, you now have access to buy online and direct from the source a wide range of unique pearls to wear in a pendant manufactured in 18 karat gold and a chain also with the same gold quality. 

The Pendant product range is constantly renovated with new and different items every week, go ahead and create your own personal collection.



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