• South Sea Pearl Treasures

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    Golden Pearls

  • Golden South Sea Pearls of Round Shape and High Luster.
  • South Sea Pearl Treasures

  • South Sea Pearls


South Sea Pearl Treasures

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White South Sea Pearl Necklaces

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Did you know that South Sea Pearls account for only 4% of the world's pearl production?

South Sea Pearls

Loose Pearls


AAA Golden South Sea Pearls

Size of Golden Pearls ranges from 8 to 20 mm. Golden South Sea pearls are produced in the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Perfectly round pearls, with a deep golden color and high luster are scarce, being less than 1% of the annual production of a pearl farm.

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South Sea Pearl Bracelets

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South Sea Pearls

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White and Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings. Stud in 18 Karats Gold.