South Sea Pearls


  • Colour in cultured pearls has many causes

    Colour in cultured pearls has many causes, namely organic pigments and the water reservoir where the pearl shell is grown (sea water or freshwater) that has different manganese (Mn) concentrations with impact on nacre's colours. The mollusc species is, of course, one of the most important factors...
  • What do you know about Keshi Pearls?

    Keshi (ケシ), meaning poppy seed in Japanese, was originally used in Japan for very small-sized natural pearls, namely the very rare Akoya natural pearls that were locally collected until the early 20th century. Today, however, the original meaning of the word "keshi" became corrupted and is now a ...
  • What do you know about Pearls history?

    During Christopher Columbus’s third (1498) and fourth (1502) voyages to the New World, he repeatedly encountered native people adorned with natural pearls.